Help Save the Latimore Tourist Home

Phase 1 Campaign
In Phase 1, we need to raise $97,000 to move the Home to its permanent home near James School Park, where it will be restored. (Updated May 10, 2022) 

Projected Expenses:

Purchasing of additional property:         $30,000

Performing engineering document
preparation:                                                    $7,000

Site Preparation                                             $5,000
Hiring of construction manager               $10,000
Rebuilding the original foundation 
at the new location:                                     $12,000

Moving the physical home:                       $20,000

Other expenses (i.e., new utilities,
etc.):                                                               $13,000

Powerline rerouting for relocation
($15,000 donation)                                                 0   

TOTAL:                                                         $97,000